Schedule & Ring Layouts

Championship Schedule.

The 2018 ITF Open Championships will be run in two halls.  All patterns and sparring with the exception of a few pattern categories will be in the main hall.  All special technique will be held in the running track are or Annex.  The Ring Schedules will detail timings and running orders for each individual ring.  Please study them and the hall layouts and ensure you familiarise where and when your event is on and how you get access to the area.

Due to the very unexpected high participation numbers, space in the arena and main hall is very much at a premium.  To assist in minimising all non-essential persons (those not competing or spectators not having any athletes performing) we have essentially split the competition into three sessions or schedules and we ask only those athletes and spectators active in any particular session be in attendance in the main hall.  We have arranged a lot of ring access within the main hall to assist everyone in getting to their rings.

In addition we will have a break out and practice area for anyone in the Running track or Annex area so they can relax away from the main hall focus.

All spectators must wear a wristband to access hall.  All competitors must wear a wristband.  These will be issued out at registration.  Please make use of the Friday night registration.


Summary Schedule Saturday 24th November:

All Youth, Cadet and Pre Junior ONLY will compete in the morning session.

07:30 – 0815 Registration ONLY for Youth, Cadet and Pre-Junior. This will take place in the hall.

08:00 – 08:15 Coach Meeting – Area to be designated

08:00 – 08:15 Umpire Meeting – Area to be designated

08:30 – 12:15 Competition for Youth, Cadet, Pre-Junior


12:00 – 12:45 Registration ONLY for Junior, Senior and Adv Senior (new amended time)

12:15 – 13:00 Hall Realigned for Junior, Senior and Adv Senior Competition. (Lunch for Umpires)


13:00 – 15:20 Pattern, Special Technique Competition.

15:30 – 20:00 Sparring Competition.


This of course is subject to change and active rings are based upon the number of registered umpires.  If this figure changes then as organisers we will need to re-adjust the timings.  If we find out that we have more umpires in the afternoon then we can expand the ring schedule and bring the closing time forward.



Competition Schedule Main Hall and Annex

 Hall Layout – First Session

It is planned to run 12 rings 5m x 5m in the main hall to accommodate all pattern and sparring categories and 4 rings in the annex to accommodate the special technique.  There will be three sides of access for coaches, spectators and athletes to quickly access the areas.


Hall Layout – Second Session

It is planned to run 5 rings 7m x 7m and 2 rings 6m x 6m in the main hall to accommodate all pattern and sparring categories and four rings in the annex to accommodate power and special technique.  There will more main hall floor access to provide additional expansion for coaches and athletes.  The Annex will also be still open for practice.


Good luck with the championships and thanking you in advance for your support and assistance in ensuring the event runs to schedule.


Kind regards.


2018 Open British Organising Committee


Master Gordon Wallace VIII

Master Sandy Dunbar VIII

Master Philip Lear VII

Mr Neil Ernest VI

Mr John MacIlvaney VI