Inscription & Registration

This year we will have a two part process for Coaches to receive their club inscription & information pack.

Step 1.  INSCRIPTION.  Coaches this must be completed prior to the start of the event, in order that your competitors will receive their ID cards for Registration & competition.
Once you have collected the ID cards, these should be distributed to the competitors in order to complete their registration (height & weight check).

Step 2.  REGISTRATION.  Competitors must present themselves for height & weight check prior to the start of the event.

Registration (height/weight check) can be completed during according to the following schedule:

Friday 22nd November (Crowne Plaza Hotel, London Gatwick)

3pm – 7pm:     This is for ALL competitors.  We encourage those who arrive on Friday to make use of  this.

8pm – 10pm @ K2 Leisure Centre, Crawley

Saturday 23rd November (K2, Crawley)

7am – 8am:     Competitors 10 years & under (all grades)
Competitors 14-17 yrs, 18-35 yrs & 36 yrs+ (Black Belts Only)

12pm – 2pm:   Competitors 11-13 yrs (all grades)
Competitors 14-17yrs, 18-35 yrs & 36 yrs+ (Coloured Belts)

During registration all competitors must wear dobok trousers and a t-shirt.  And have their ID card ready for scanning. No ID card = No registration.

Competitors not making their height/weight will have until the end of the Registration time to make the weight. Competitors not making the height/weight or requiring to move category will need to pay a fine of £10 in order to change category.

If competitors do not have their ID card they will not be able to register, therefore it is important that coaches complete the inscription as early as possible for these to be issued.
Competitors must complete the registration in order to compete.